Time of Troubles

Time of Troubles Brief Overview

Placed during the Year of Shadows, 1358 DR, the Time of Troubles was a cataclysmic period during which the gods of Faerûn were forced to walk the earth in their mortal avatar forms.
Usually a god sends an avatar to do his mortal bidding while his true form resides in the Outer Planes, but this was different. All the gods were forced into their mortal forms for the Time of Troubles period, leaving them very vulnerable. Many prominent deities died during this time, and a few mortals rose to divinity.

Some notable deities who died include:

- Bane, evil god of war and tyranny – Slain once by a powerful wizard named Elminster. He was revived and slain again by Torm, lawful good god of justice, in a climatic battle outside of Tantras.**

-Torm, lawful good god of justice – annihilated by Bane with his dying breath, outside of Tantras.**

-Zinzerena, a drow demigoddess of chaos and thievery – was slain by Lolth, the Spider Queen.

**Both Bane and Torm were later resurrected. Bane killed his half-son who had taken over his Church and reclaimed his followers. Torm was revived by Ao, for fulfilling his portfolio of death. Torm’s resurrection was Ao’s only exception to his law that “no deity shall be revived.” causing a commotion between other lesser deities.

Post Time of Troubles


The Time of Troubles is over, but the mark it has left on this world is far from that. Those swept up in it’s storms either died if they were lucky, or granted a spellscar if they were not. The spellscarred folk were of frightening appearance, their skin was pale as if all the life had been taken from them, but where the scar was visible a bright teal glow swallowed their veins. Those who were unfortunate enough to receive the scar lived in terrible agony, many were driven to suicide. Some of those who tamed the searing pain, harnessed it in battle.

Magic Flux Zones

The people weren’t the only ones left with scars. The land also suffered at the hands of the war. As a result of the godly avatars waging battle on the land some areas have been cursed (or blessed) with fluctuating magic. Some forests will be completely magic dead, disabling wizards, warlocks, sorcerers, paladins, and any other magic user from casting spells forcing them to rely on pure strength and cunning. While other areas are known to boost magic ability to extremity. Trying to cast a simple fire in your hand to light a dark hall could result in a small explosion and singed eyebrows.