Wizards in Winter, Sorcerers in Spring, Saints in Summer, Fighters in Fall

Day 1 - Sneaky Witch Thieves and Divine Lights
Recapping the game
Trading Square, market, near the docks

Just within the city gates of Delzimmer, the market buzzed as per usual. People walking in groups and some stragglers. The stands were all filled with consumers, some wealthy folk by a dwarven armorer, and a beggers in the puddles. This is where Aggra mingled about, gathering food at a fruit cart for her journey home a days trip away. Only a few moments went by before she knew it she was being bumped into by a heavily armored man, hood drawn back, his face wet with the salty sea water of the docks. It seemed he was confronting another man, much more slender than he. Something about an apple? It was soon very apparent it was about the apple in question, as the cart owner wailed out to the guards. The hulking man was able to dismiss the guards with his intimidating appearance. Something off about the armored man, his eyes were filled with purpose. The other, leaner man, was also intriguing. No doubt he had to have some guts to attempt to steal so blatantly in front of guards. That was the kind of bold action she needed right now. Perhaps they would join her…

Aggra was able to lead them through the nearby tavern, they entered the open table area. She traded timely glances with a tiefling girl, her lips wrapped around the pipe of a hookah tighter than a leech to a wound. Empty liqueur bottles lay at the legs of the table, though she seemed far from intoxicated. Knowing the bar was far too public for her proposition, she lead them through a backdoor and down a cellar she knew the inn keep never locked.

It had turned out the female tiefling had been eavesdropping on the rooftop, when the conversation was no longer in her hearing range she dropped down and rolled into the cellar bumping the heavily armed man. He took it as a slight against him, but Aggra was able to diffuse the tension. She had no choice now but to include the other female in her plans, or be subject to her alternatives.

All the plans had been laid and they were set to leave for Earthheart, Aggra’s home city. But come morning they had a rude awakening. A fissure struck beneath the inn and took out an eight of the city with it. Kealias, whom hadn’t stayed at the inn, arrived to find it in ruins. Seeing us at the bottom of the crater, he lowered himself into the darkness. Spider, the tiefling, had no trouble seeing in the low light, however Aggra and Kealias were found stumbling in the dark. Pelor, the lean man, also had no trouble navigating the darkness, but the two humans were in such dismay they hardly even noticed.

Not many words were exchanged before the hammer of Kealias started to glow brightly like a compass when it was pointed south down some tunnels in the fissure. With no where else to go they thought it best to follow the light. They followed it until they came upon a roaring waterfall, with a black pit for a hole. There was scaffolding that went down the walls of the cave. Without warning or apparent reason, the ground shifted beneath Kealias’ feet and his body flopped over the waterfall. He hit the water hard at the bottom, unable to surface the only way he could go was down. Spider decided to follow in his foot steps, only with far more grace as she backflipped off and dived into the water below. Aggra, terrified decided to brave the scaffolding with Pelor, as she could not swim. It would have appeared she had no choice in the matter however when Pelor grabbed her and held her as he swam down after Spider.

The lake at the bottom of the fall funneled out to an abandoned city beneath the surface. It was apparent it once inhabited drow. They made their way into the city before encountering a small group of undead, with the faces of drow. After the drow were defeated tension between the party grew. Pelor had been out’ed as a tiefling and a warlock, and in the fury of battle Kealias has been lead to believe he’s out for him.

With some experience in finding things mostly looked over, Spider identified a lever in the shallows of the water, covered in mud and sand. While Kealias defiled the bodies of his undead enemies with the Church of Torm’s sigil. The two tiefling’s had come to the conclusion the lever was a lift and so they pulled it. The floor beneath them raised and where they ended up blew their minds. The top level of the high Wizard’s tower in Earthheart. Now for what purpose could a high wizard have a lift to an abandoned drow city?

It wasn’t long before guards rushed up the tower to apprehend the intruders and took them into custody. They’d stay the night in the prison and wait trial in the morning.


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